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LGBTQ Awareness Group of Arizona
Bullhead Pride Center Volunteer Program

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the LGBTQ Awareness Group of Arizona Bullhead Pride Center. Volunteers are the backbone of our organization, and we would not be able to do our work without your support. We want to make sure volunteers have a positive experience at the Center and that they understand the expectations, roles, and responsibilities.

Please carefully read the information in this document and familiarize yourself with the Volunteer Program. If you would like to volunteer at the Center, we invite you to complete an online application.

Volunteer Expectations

  • All Volunteers will be Required to complete the following trainings:


  1. Crisis/Suicide Response

  2. Guest Relations

  3. LGBTQ Cultural Competency and Sensitivity

  4. Community Resource Navigation

  • Volunteers are expected to treat all guests, volunteers, and staff with respect and courtesy.

  • Volunteers are expected to be presentable when working at the Center, which includes:

    • Clean attire free of holes or stains

    • Appropriate length shirt, shorts and/or skirt

    • Good body hygiene

    • Visible volunteer badge

    • Positive attitude

  • Volunteers are asked to be mindful of the content and graphics on your clothing. We stive to create an inclusive environment and all clothing attire must be respectful and non-offensive to others.

  • The Center expects all volunteers to provide quality customer service and navigate resources to meet visitors’ needs.

  • Volunteers are asked to bring all issues, questions, and concerns to the attention of the Center Coordinator in a timely manner.

  • Communicate any changes in your volunteering commitment to the Center Coordinator

  • Arrive on-time for the shift you have signed up for. If you expect to be late or absent, please call ahead of time. Inconsistency in a volunteer’s attendance may result in removal from the future scheduling.

  • Making sure the Center is in presentable condition at all times.

  • Making Sure the Tech Center is supervised.

Volunteer Roles


  • Reception: The receptionists are the first impression guests have when they visit the LGBTQ Awareness Group of Arizona Bullhead Pride Center. Volunteers who work the front desk should be comfortable greeting guests, getting them checked in to the center, navigating resources, working with computers, giving tours, and talking about programs and services at the center.


  • Tech Center: Volunteers will be responsible for actively supervising tech center guests and assisting with their needs. Volunteers working in the Tech Center should be comfortable navigating computers and solving basic computer issues. 


  • Research: Volunteers must be comfortable browsing the web for potential community partnerships, local and national LGBTQ resources, grants, potential facilitators, and more. Additionally, volunteers will work on keeping the Center’s community resource area up to date.


  • Outreach: In order for the Center to thrive the community must be made aware of how the Center can serve them. Outreach volunteers must be comfortable seeking out and attending local events, speaking to different groups about the Center’s programs and services, and distributing flyers and promotional material in the area.


  • Events: Groups are able to use meeting rooms at the Center seven days a week and we want to make sure the Center has proper coverage when outside groups use the facility afterhours. Events volunteers will be contacted when there is a special event scheduled. Event volunteers must be comfortable working at the reception area, greeting guests, getting guests checked in, setting up meeting rooms, and securing the facility.

Volunteer Shifts

The LGBTQ Awareness Group of Arizona Bullhead Pride Center hours of operations are:

Tuesday – Saturday, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

(hours to extend in the future)

Sunday & Monday by Appointment


Volunteers may select from a variety of shifts:

Morning          9:00 AM -1:00 PM

Afternoon      12:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Evening           2:00 PM - 6:00 PM


Volunteer Commitment

Volunteers of LGBTQ Awareness Group of Arizona Bullhead Pride Center are asked to make a commitment of a minimum of 8 hours per month, complete all volunteer training workshops, and attend bi-monthly volunteer meetings. The Center does not require volunteers to commit to a particular length of time, we value any length of time you are able to donate to the Center.

Volunteer Orientation

After reviewing each volunteer application, the Center Coordinator will schedule a volunteer orientation for eligible volunteers. Following the orientation, new volunteers will be added to the Volunteer Calendar by the Volunteer Coordinator or Center Coordinator. Time spent on volunteer orientation does not count toward the 8 hours per month required by the Volunteer Program.

The following topics will be covered during volunteer orientation:

  • Opening/Closing Procedures

  • Volunteer roles and expectations

  • Navigating Software

  • Daily tasks

  • Proper telephone etiquette

  • Supervision and coverage expectations


We value the time and support volunteers offer the Center. To show our appreciation, we like to offer the following incentives to volunteering, which include:

  • Quarterly volunteer outings and social events

  • Yearly volunteer appreciation awards dinner

  • Volunteer of the month highlight and recognition


The Volunteer Coordinator will send out a newsletter with updates, news, and information in addition to bi-monthly volunteer meetings. Any time-sensitive information will be emailed to the volunteers by the Center Coordinator.


Volunteer Application


Thank you again for your interest in volunteering at LGBTQ Awareness Group of Arizona Bullhead Pride Center. This is the first step in determining if an interested applicant meets the criteria to volunteer at the Center. It is the policy of LGBTQ Awareness Group of Arizona Bullhead Pride Center to provide a safe and inclusive environment and to provide a fair and equal opportunity to volunteer with the Center. To support our mission, we make it a priority to carefully screen applicants. Once your application has been reviewed you will receive a follow-up email.

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