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LGBTQ Awareness Group of Arizona 
Is looking for Volunteers to help at the center, or help with events. Below is a list of the types of volunteer roles the center is looking for and a description for that area. Do you want to make an impact in the LGBTQ+ Community? 




Screenshot 2023-04-20 134027.png

Union Pass Clean Up

Jack O' Lanterns
Black Orange Wicked Halloween Movie Night Poster.png

Come join us on Halloween for this special Movie Event. 

Where we can come together as a group

 to watch a great movie.

Please note there will be no throwing of food or any other items during this event.

We will have a small dinner and something to drink available.

Donations are appreciated but not required for this event.

Pride Flag
Rainbow Pride.png

A Day At the River

Parallel Lines
Reflecting On 8.5 x 11.png
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