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A Day at the River

Rainbow Pride Family Day Celebration

The Bullhead City

LGBTQ Pride Center

1960 Hwy 95 suite # 5

Bullhead City Arizona 86442

(928) 715-6985

On behalf of the Board of Directors of The LGBTQ Awareness Group of Arizona Inc. we would like to thank the following agencies and vendors for their generosity. Some came and entertained us as the heat began to rise above 105 for our first annual Rainbow Pride Family Day Celebration for the Pride Center and join the community as one this past Saturday.

Aubree Mount Figurines

Laura's Uniquities
Jaden's Paint on Face @ Laura's Uniquities 

Mohave County Public Health Center

Terros Health

Leslie Andrews Musician

Loke with the Knack

Totally Awesome Printers

Episcopalian Church

CoVeu Drinkery & Eatery

Riverside Resort and Casino

Aquarius/ Edgewater Hotel and Casino

Pro Fit Kitchen 

Meoni’s Italian Restaurant

ACE Hardware

Bullhead City Subway’s


Laura’s Salon

River Valley Democrats

Mattress Land Bullhead City

Hairitage Salon

The Ray Gun Band

It certainly turned into a warm day, but we made it through. You know it’s a funny thing; we work hard to pull off an event that would take twenty or more to do. Yet my sister and I, plus 3 volunteers, all over 60, made it happen!


Thanks, to each of you staff members. What a magnificent job as usual. Then Angelina from West Care came in with some volunteers, and Mz. Jordon Brown came in to volunteer for the children’s games.


For those 93 folks that came and had a wonderful time, hold on to your hats, it gets better! We’re just getting started! Thanks to the DNC for the petitions that were signed and voter registrations, and to the Episcopalians who were there to answer any questions about their church. 


There was Mz. Loke rocking the place, leading us all to a higher plain where you can forget your problems and get into the music. When everything was added up it was a very successful day. Thanks to all who participated! 


Love Wins When we all get involved!

Mama Den’na`

The Bullhead City

LGBTQ Pride Center

1960 Hwy 95 suite # 5

Bullhead City Arizona 86442

(928) 715-6985

On behalf of the Board of Directors of The LGBTQ Awareness Group of Arizona Inc. we would like to Thank the following agencies and Vendors for sticking out the 20 mile and hour winds to come to the Day at the River Event, our first annual event for the Pride Center.

M6 Designs

Happiness is Homemade

TWS Flag Wavers

Silly Cactus Designs

Nikaria Art

Slap BBQ

Democrats and Judy Stahl

Nations Finest

Mohave Mental Health

Public Health Center

Loralyn and friends band

Leslie Andrews Musician

Loke with the Knack

Guys and Dolls

Totally Awesome Printers

Legacy For the water backpacks and supplies

We care cancer support

Hope Methodist church

CoVeu Drinkery & Eatery

Anderson Ford

Riverside Resort and Casino

Music City Fort Mohave

Battling the winds, the canopies went up and the day progressed!  Slap BBQ with its Louisiana style BBQ kept everyone fed and happy while Loke DJ’ed our event with fantastic music.

Jacob Gray came in and blew us all away with his rendition of the National Anthem and then sang a few more great songs for us throughout the day.  When Loke needed a break Leslie Andrews made her guitar rock! Her voice charmed many that were in attendance, Thanks Leslie, awesome job girl.

With the sign in sheets tallied plus the agencies and vendors it looks to be about 120 total brave souls who came out to endure the wind and everyone reported they had a great time and are looking forward to our next event, which will be November 20th from 9:00am to 11:00am.  It will be A Day of Remembrance where we honor those transgender people who have died a violent death so far this year, and sadly, it is supposed to be a record breaking number this year.  We will be in the same location.

Now many got lost so here are the directions; follow Hwy 95 to Riverview turn west on Riverview go to the 4 way stop where Riverview crosses Lakeside turn South or make a left on Lakeside Dr. from Riverview. Follow Lakeside till it ends at Chaparral, it then turns into Bella’s way enter the park we will be right in that section. We will be releasing balloons and roses at the conclusions Attention all if you would like to speak out about the violence against the Transgender community and the LGBTQ+ community please let Den’na` know prior to the event at the pride center.

Again, Thanks to everyone!


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